A downloadable Planet Cracker for Windows

Help the emperor to build a galatic highway by remove some of these useless planets. Don't let the emperor down!


Forward = Hold 'W' to move forward and release to slow down to stop.

Rotate = Hold 'A' or 'D' to rotate left or right respectively.

Fire = Hold left mouse button to fire the turret

Aim = Move the mouse to aim at the enemy.


PlanetCracker_v2.7z 18 MB

Install instructions

After downloading the file simply unzip the file and play by double clicking the "PlanetCracker.exe" file.


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I tried downloading the game but there isn't any playable file.  The download link only gives a .7z file. The screenshots look really cool.

you have to unzip the .7z file. Unfortunately itch.io didn't allow me to upload the folders only it must be zipped. Probably right click the file and select unzip?

I think there might be an issue with the naming convention. Windows doesn't recognize it as a zip file. 

Ah. I apologize. 7-Zip is an open source file compressor like winrar. Have been using it for years that I forgot most people probably don't use it. My bad. I guess installing 7-Zip will allow you to unzip.


lol I'm on a fresh windows install and forgot to install winrar.  Sorry for the trouble, it unzipped.

No problem friend. It happens. I should have also given details that it required winrar or 7-Zip to unzip. :)